Dear Beautiful Souls

My name is Jeanette Kanaguri, in Japanese it is written as シャネット金栗.

Since I was a child I dreamed about living in Hong Kong. Later on my dream came true. Thank you. Thank you. While I was living in Hong Kong I discovered Japan. I wished that Japan could be my home one day.

I met my Japanese husband in Denmark and in 2013 we decided to move to Tokyo .

I LOVE Japan. It is a beautiful country, with a ‘cute’ and beautiful language, and a rich culture.  You will find kindness and people care about others to an extent I have never met before.

At the moment I am studying Japanese, supporting my husbund, making cakes/sweets, reading Japanese fashion magazines (25ans – my fav!), do gardening, meet up with friends etc.

Thank you for passing my blog. I would love to see you again. Thank you, beauty!

Much Love,