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Beauty..Fun..Luck..My words this year

Looking so much forward to a lovingly New Year with my Hobby, My Family and Friends.

Japanese Luxury

Dear Beautiful,

I hope you are having a cozy season.

Yesterday, I past by an article about how to stay relaxed and cozy in winter in Japan. The article mentioned 6 different kind of hot springs (onsen). One particalur looked so lovely. It was located in the midst of nature.

If you are not living in Japan, and come to Japan, it is such a lovely and extraordinary experience to stay at a Japanese hotel (ryokan) with onsen.

The onsen tradition dates back thousands of years and Japanese culture embraces it as both a luxury and daily necessity. 

The onsen water is rich in minerals, appreciated for its “qi” (energy) properties that have been absorbed from the surrounding nature, and especially beneficial to well being and health.

Happy December!


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Rose Vanilla Truffles


Oh, these truffles looks so tempting.

Next week is my Christmas Shopping week. My Japanese class has stopped for a little winter break. I am so looking forward to do all the Christmas Shopping, writing Christmas Cards and do some Christmas Cooking.  My family lives in Denmark so I need to prepare for presents to be sent. I am currently making a list of what to gift them.

Yesterday,  I went to an amazing shop in the little city where I live. The name of the shop is Today’s Special.

Who Do You Admire ?



Dear Gorgeous Woman | ゴージャス な女性  | Gōjasu na Josei

“Fashion is not simply a matter of clothes. Fashion is in the air, born upon the wind. One intuits it. It is in the sky and on the road.”  Coco Chanel.

When I was 15 years old I created my first email-address. The name was I was so happy that I was able to create that name. I loved it so much.  I think that was my beginning of my Chanel adventure. I started to purchase her perfumes. I visited her shop in Paris, Chanel – 31 Rue Cambon, and watched haute couture shows on TV.

After have watched movies about her life I started to fall in love with Coco Chanel’s (Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel) personality. Her passion, her creativity and her love for making women adorable and comfortable. There are made several movies about Coco Chanel. My favorite one is Coco Chanel (2008). It is such a beautiful and touching movie that describes Coco Chanel’s life from her early childhood until her late 80’s.