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Japanese-Styled Handkerchief

Dear Beautiful Souls,

I hope you are doing great and is enjoying February. For me, February is a month filled with love. February is the second month of the year. And in numerology number two represents a very gently, feminine and romantic energy. Can you feel it?

This month has for me been very relaxing, warm, creative and filled with new projects. Also, I finished a project, which I started last year, Japanese embroidery SASHIKO.

Sashiko is a form of Japanese folk embroidery using the basic running stitch to create a patterned background. The Japanese word Sashiko means little stabs and refers to the small stitches used in this form of needlework.

You can see my finished project in the picture on the right side from the bottom. It was really fun to make and truly meditative. I loved it.

If you like to buy one from me, I would be happy to create one for YOU.  Please feel free to contact me.  It comes in different colors and patterns.

Happy weekend!






My End-less Love for Japan


Dear Beautiful Soul,

thank you for reading my blog. I hope you are enjoying it!

The winter in Tokyo has been very cold. The Japanese people haven’t experienced such a cold winter in a long time. How has your winter been so far?

Above pictures are my current love from the Internet, Instagram. I love pictures, they make me smile, dream – e lot :o), and make me feel that everything is possible.

For long, I wished to thanks, Japan, for being my home for the last 4 years. Almost 5.  It is such a wonderful country, and there many reasons to Japanese can feel proud of their country.

First of all, there is such a respect for the elderly people. You can immediately feel it when you enter a hospital and watching how the nurse and the family care about their elderly family member.

Secondly, the Japanese embrace imperfection. It derives from the Japanese saying “Wabi Sabi”. Leonard Koren, the author of “Wabi-Sabi: for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers,” has coined his own definition, which has become standard for authors in the West:

“Wabi sabi is the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete, the antithesis of our classical Western notion of beauty as something perfect, enduring, and monumental.”

As an illustration are handmade potteries, that are irregularly shaped, with uneven glaze, cracks. In tea ceremonies, we appreciate the bowls because of (not in spite of) their drips and cracks. The Japanese philosophy is to celebrate beauty in what’s natural, flaws and all.

Thirdly, is patience. For example, if you stand on a busy train in the morning in one the largest cities in Japan, like Tokyo, the Japanese people show such diligence and humility.

One morning, I stood next to a young businessman. While he tried to type a message on his smartphone, a lady standing next time him her ponytail came on his display. He looked like nothing had happened and continued his message.

Kindness is the basic language of the Japanese people. Almost everywhere you go you meet kind and goodwill people. I have visited many countries, and it my first time I have met such graciousness.

Following the rhythm of nature. The Japanese people embrace the seasons. Every season has its own charm and beauty, and the Japanese people love to eat seasonal food and hold parties related to the season.

For example, do they have Setsubun (Bean-Throwing Festival, February 3rd). Setsubun signifies “the parting of the seasons” the day before the first day of spring. On the evening of that day, people yell, “Out with the orgre! In the with the happiness! (Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!)” while scattering roasted soybeans (mame-maki) inside and outside of their homes.

Clean-up after yourself! In Tokyo, you seldom find garbage boxes on the street. Instead, you bring home your own garbage from your trip outside.

Last but not least: Peace. When I came to Japan, I immediately felt peaceful. Everywhere you go you feel a sense of peace and tranquility. Even in the center of Tokyo, you feel calm, and undisturbed by the many people.

I felt it very unique, and I wanted to question it whether it was only me who felt it in that way. One day, I was sitting next to a Japanese lady. We began talking and she said, “I have been living many places, but I always wished to come back to Tokyo”. I asked why. She said: “I feel at peace everywhere, I go”.

Stay warm, and with someone you love,



Pictures by @nonihana_, @journeyintolavillelumiere, @myrahpenaloza, @womanonpurpose.rachael, @thetrottergirl


My Journey in Japan

Dear Sweet Souls, 

I hope you all had a very nice New Year Evening, and a great start to the new year 2018.  Myself, I spent New Year Evening in Fukuoka, which is my husband’s hometown.

On the way to Fukuoka, we made a stop by Hiroshima, to visit the shrine, Itsukushima. The shrine which is built in the sea. It was absolutely a magical experience and I can recommend everybody to visit this place!

Job in Japan

Since I came to Japan in 2013, I have been struggling with finding a job I truly like.  My latest job in Denmark, before I came to Japan, was in the fashion branch. I worked as a Sales Associate, and I really loved it!

I love to provide an outstanding customer service and make the client smile when they leave the shop

I worked in a high-end fashion house, and before, I left, I received an excellent reference letter to show the employer in Japan.  As I arrived in Japan, I contacted the same fashion house in Japan and asked for a transfer to Tokyo. Unfortunately, they couldn’t help me.

The main reason for not hiring me was that I was not able to speak fluently in Japanese (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Level 1). I was so sad, because, I knew that it would really take a long time for me to get the Level 1 (Level 1 is the most difficult level).

After the meeting with this particular fashion house, I didn’t give up! I continued my job hunting.

After all searching, I always got the same answer; we need someone who is fluent in Japanese.

The message *This is happening FOR me* came up in my head. It made me smile and trusting that this situation is happening FOR my growth, support and evolution.

And it surely did.

After one year of job searching, I started to integrate more self-love/healing into my life. I created this blog and started to read and make more bread and cakes. I still continued to study Japanese (Which I LOVE).

Today, I am very grateful, that God/Universe gave me this chance to be more with ME, and care for ME.

Sweet soul, I would love to hear from you if you have any experiences with finding a job in Japan. Was it easy/difficult?



Can’t Wait…

Dear Beautiful Soul,

How are you? Do you enjoy this beautiful season?

In Tokyo, the scenery is now so magnificent! All the autumn colors are so beautiful! Besides all these colors, the flower Camellia (the name in Japanese is Tsubaki 椿), is blooming everywhere in the colors of white, peach, pink and red. It is really so beautiful.

In my home country, Denmark, this time of the year is very dark and grey. So I was so surprised when I experienced my first winter in Japan. It is so colorful and pretty.

I love this season very much. Actually, I don’t mind the darkness and I love to light up with candles in every room. Also, I love hot drinks, read books and magazines, and cuddle in lots of blankets. In Japan, we have a special table we use, when it is cold outside. It is called kotatsu 炬燵. From the picture below you can see how it looks like.

It is a low table that is covered with a heavy soft blanket and underneath the table there is a electric heater. It is really so lovely to use in winter. My husband and I bought one last year. And now we don’t feel cold anymore during winter in Japan. In Japan it is a tradition to eat mikan みかん (Japanese mandarin) while sitting underneath the warm blanket. And of course you can also sleep!

And now I cannot wait to Christmas. I love Christmas music very much. And I also love to make all the nice Christmas cakes, and sweets. It’s my fav. season.

What is your fav. season?

Much love, and happy thoughts,


Following My Calling

Dear Beautiful Soul

How are you?  I hope you are enjoying the beautiful autumn. The trees in Tokyo are still mostly green. Usually, the second spring starts in the beginning of November in Japan.

When I moved to Japan, I felt drawn to learning massage. I had already experienced and facilitated an energy healing massage from Denmark. However, I felt it was not true for me to continue this modality. And for long I only practiced energy healing massage on myself, sometimes with help from healers from online communities.

This summer/autumn I felt it was the time for me to learn Thai massage. My whole body and heart told me to follow my calling. And this weekend, I signed up for a Thai massage class in Bangkok, Thailand. I felt a little nervous. But I am sure it will be great!

A piece of music from Youtube which found me :o). I hope you will like it.



Immensely Gratefull

Dear Souls,

Today I felt immensely grateful.

I talked on phone with a friend on Friday. I told her that my husband and I had decided to put less effort in me being pregnant and it felt true.

However, after the telephone call an email came into my inbox. It was a link with a woman who interviewed other women who were specialized in infertility, being pregnant, after birth etc.

I listened to one specific person, named Molly Nichols. She gave women her experiences and advices on how to be natural pregnant. One idea she suggested was to visualize your baby in your worb and talk with your baby.

I thought, this was a really nice thing to do. This morning, I did the visualization and it felt so good. Afterwards, my stomach felt warm and was open to welcoming a baby.

The link to the interviews is

With love,


I felt in love with this cute picture from hinalys.

Nursing Day

Dear Beauties

I hope you are doing fine and enjoying the beginning of a new month, September. I love September. It is still quite hot in Japan. Today it reached 28 degrees. However, it was not human today, so it felt good.

When I woke up this morning my sweet body felt so tired. I usually go for a walk in the morning for about 40 min. Today, I just walked a little.

After having my breakfast with my husband, I still felt tired. I cleaned, and then took a lovely bathtub with my coffee & vanilla body scrub. It felt so good. I made the body scrub by myself for about 2 months ago.

After the shower and bathtub, I felt like going to one of my favorite area of Tokyo. It is called Daikanyama and is only 15 min. by train from where we live. It is such a peaceful and yet trendy place where you can enjoy yourself with a cup coffee, books, and fashionable shops. I enjoyed myself with books and coffee.

The Embassy of Denmark is also located in Daikanyama. And today I received an invitation letter to meet the Crown Princess Couple of Denmark, Frederik & Mary at the Embassy in October.  The royal family is coming to Tokyo due to the 150th Anniversary of Japan-Denmark Diplomatic Relations. I feel excited to meet them in person and maybe talk to them.

Please find below the pictures from my adventures today. 

Organic bread from Lotus Baquette Organic Bakery and Cafe

Wedding dress from Maria Love Lace

T-Site Tsutaya Book Store

Birthday Girl!



Dear Sweet Souls

Today, it is my birthday. I cannot really believe it. One year has already passed. So fast!!

Yesterday evening, I looked back on my year that had past and expressed gratitude for my experiences.

How do you express gratitude for your life? I am feeling so immensely happy that I am able to live the life I am living. Every day is truly a blessing. Recently, I have started a new morning routine. I wake up early in the morning. Immediately, my sweet body likes to go outside and say hello to a new day. Although I feel it is very early, at 5.30 a.m, it feels so good afterward. I usually walk for about 50 min. We are living close to a huge park which I usually go through.

After my morning walk, I do a little self-massage on my face. It is a Japanese face massage which I felt in love with after my return from a face massage in Tokyo. The face massage stimulates the blood cells in your face as well as in your body as the face is tightly connected to your body. Do you also have a similar morning routine?

Stay lovely,



I Love Summer

Dear Beautiful Soul

How are you? I hope you are enjoying the summer/winter – and maybe soon you are going on vacation!!

For me summer looks like this! :oP


It has been a while since I wrote to you. I have been a little busy over the last months. In the beginning of  May I started preparing for my trip back to Denmark (my home county). It was a nice stay both by my parents and sister. My sister gave birth to a little son in March this year. It was my first nephew/niece. I was happy to meet him and spend time with this little being.

After being back from my trip to Denmark last week, I relaxed. Yesterday I had my first official Japanese-Language Profiency Test (JLPT Level N5). I have studied Japanese for approximately 2 years. My first language school was located in Shibuya, Tokyo. Only after 3 weeks I quit the school. The course was very intensive, everyday 4 hours per day. And homework and test every week. It was mainly focusing on writing and grammar skills.

I took a break for about one year. After making my research on Internet I found another language school and this school has now been my school for the last years. I can highly recommend it. What I like about the school is as following:

  • The teachers are very professional and they speak fluent English
  • The school have crated their own Japanese Text books that is easy to follow. It focuses on Japanese communication skills and basic skills that makes your daily life in Japan easier.
  • The school is small and the size of the class are therefore also small. I have only been studying with one another student.
  • You receive an extraordinary good service and it is for no reason that the school is named Sun Academy .

If you want to hear more about the school, I am happy to share more experiences with you.

The summer has now come to Japan. In Tokyo, the temperature will today reach 34 degrees.

I love summer and I am very grateful that can experience a warm summer in Japan!!

Please have a lovely summer. And talk to you soon.


Luscious & Green Tokyo

Happy May Beautiful !!

I hope you had a lovely April month, and now ready for a new month.

Currently many Japanese have vacation. It’s called the Golden Week. It is named the Golden Week as it the longest official vacation Japanese have during the year. Friday, the 29th of April is national holiday, and from the 2-5th of May are also public holidays. Therefore many Japanese take Monday and Tuesday off too, so they have a many successive holidays.

May in Japan is so green. Everywhere you go it is so fresh and vibrant. Japanese use the word mizumizushii, みずみずしい for fresh, juicy and young (-and lustrous).

Also all the jasmine flowers are blooming now. You almost feel like you are walking into a parfume shop. Hihi!! I love the jasmine fragrance so for me it is really heaven right now!!

The small white flowers don’t have the Hollywood glamour of roses or the regal elegance of iris, but their scent is so luscious and complex that it has few rivals. Jasmine smells like apricot jam and green banana peels with a hint of tanned leather, a surprising mixture of airy and sultry, sweet and tangy.  -Bois de Jasmine

Stay lovely,